Past Episodes

Below is a list/link to all of our past episodes for easy of finding:

Episode Number Episode Name Summary Release Date
1 Phantom Podcast Inaugural Episode of Hoth Topics 3/30/2018
2 Rebels and Rascals Disney Star Wars Rebels Season 4 review pt. 1 3/30/2018
3 Fan Service, From A Certain Point Of View A Discussion on Fan Service and You! 3/30/2018
4 When Ugnaughts Fly Disney Star Wars Rebels Season 4 review pt. 1 4/01/2018
5 Flying Solo We talk about our hopes and dreams for Solo: A Star Wars Story 4/16/2018
6 Costuming and Community Jon likes making costumes, so we talk about that..also some stuff about the Star War 4/30/2018
EBN1 Solo Trailer Breakdown Inaugural Echo Base Nights. We breakdown the Solo trailer 5/08/2018
7 A Trip to the Jedi Academy Ian ‘learns us good’ on the Jedi Order 5/14/2018
EBN2 Conversation With Some Folk Ian Interviewed some people while working on an Indie Film set about Star Wars 5/21/2018
8 Solo: A Review Story Part 1 Solo: A Star Wars Story review part 1 6/04/2018
9 Solo: A Review Story Part 2 Solo: A Star Wars Story review part 2 6/11/2018
10 Music from the Prequels We talk about our personal top 5 songs of the Prequel Trilogy 7/03/2018
11 Momma Towani. Not So Much, Anymore Forces of Destiny, other things, it’s a bit of a blur….probably should keep better show notes 7/16/2018
12 Comic Con Wrap Up We discuss our experiences and San Diego Comic Con 2018 7/30/2018
EBN3 Episode 9 Casting A quick discussion on some recent Episode 9 casting rumors 08/06/2018
13 What We Take Away Lessons we’ve learned from Star Wars 08/13/2018
EBN4 Star Wars: Resistance Trailer Hopes and Dreams A bus decided to total Jon’s car, so we go over the Star Wars: Resistance Trailer 08/27/2018
14 Palpatine Had Some Good Ideas The Empire isn’t all bad. 09/10/2018
15 A TransAtlantic Pantomime AT-AT with Harry Harry from The Ranked List Of Everything joins us to talk about Star Wars in the UK 09/24/2018
16 Solo: Special (Features) Edition Solo Blu-Ray Special Features overview 10/08/2018
EBN5 Resistance Recon #1 The First Resistance Recon! for Star Wars Resistance! 10/22/2018
17 A Not So Spooky Conversation Spooky things in Star Wars…that really aren’t that spooky 10/29/2018
18 Music of the Post-Prequels Ian and Jon’s Top 5 tracks from the OT soundtracks 11/12/2018
19 Resistance Recon #2 Review of the Episodes 5,6, and 7 of Star Wars: Resistance 11/19/2018
20 Yelling Across the Pond w/ Jason We’re joined by Jason of “A Conversation With..” 26-Nov-2018 (UK format for Jason)
21 The Great Star Wars Content Slowdown We talk about the upcoming projects, Live action and other! 12/01/2018
22 A Long, Short Discussion A short discussion that is anything but? 12/17/2018
23 Resistance Recon #3 Review of the Episodes 8, 9, 10 of Star Wars: Resistance 12/31/2018
EBN6 Echo Base Nights 6 Ian has some issues with Jedi baby snatching 01/07/2019
24 The One About Video Games Star Wars Video game nostalgia hype. 01/21/2019
25 Resistance Recon #4 Review of the Episodes 11, 12, 13 of Star Wars: Resistance 02/04/2019
26 San Diego Sabers Sit Down We talk with Co Founder, Steve, of San Diego Sabers and the SD Sabers Podcast 02/13/2019
27 Resistance Recon #5 Review of the Episodes:The Doza Dilemma, First Order Occupation, and The New Trooper of Star Wars: Resistance 02/25/2019
28 Master and Mace and other dream projects Upcoming project speculation in a Galaxy Far Far Ago 03/11/2019
EBN7 The Order of Things Listener Mail from Friend of All Podcasts, Tim. 03/18/2019
29 Resistance Recon: Resistance Wrap Up We take a look at the last 5 eps of Resistance 04/01/2019
EBN8 Wondercon 2019 We share our experiences at Wondercon 2019 04/15/2019
30 Starting Fires w/ Megan (of Spark Of Hope Podcast) This week we got to talk to Megan Cullinan of the podcast Spark of Hope. 05/01/2019
31 User Created Content #1 Listener Submitted questions 05/28/2019
32 User Created Content #2 More Listener questions! 06/19/2019
33 Taking Swings at (master) Eric We Talk with Master Eric of San Diego Sabers 06/29/2019
34 More liek Jacosta OLD D23 news and SW weapons. RIP to our buddy Steve K 09/04/2019
EBN9 Triple Force Friday Triple Force Friday Discussion 10/11/2019
35 Talkin’ With Tony We Talk with producer Tony Debenedetto 10/11/2019
EBN10 Wild Speculation Mando and TRoS trailer discussion 11/12/2019
36 The Mando With No Name We review the first two eps of The Mandalorian 11/20/2019
37 Resistance Recon Returns Review of the first 3 episodes of Resistance Season 2 11/23/2019
38 The One Where Ian Loses Feat. Special Returning Guest Jason Croxon 12/05/2019
39 The Rise of Skywalker Reactions Roommate Mike joins us for a review of TROS *Spoliers* 12/24/2019
40 Once Upon the Western Reaches Review of Eps. 3, 4, & 5 of The Mandalorian 2/4/2020
41 Djarin Unchained Review of Eps. 6, 7, & 8 of The Mandalorian 2/24/2020
42 Resistance Recon: Thar Be Dragons Review of Eps. 4, 5, & 6 of Season Two of Resistance 4/15/20
43 Resistance Recon: Espionage Escapade Review of Eps. 7, 8, 9, & 10 of Season Two of Resistance 4/27/20
44 Loud Boi and the Spirit Tree We ask you what you’ve been up to in the quarantine! 8/13/20
45 An “Empirely” New Point of View We saw Empire Strikes Back in a movie cinema! 10/5/20
EBN 11 Mando Season 2: a look forward 10/27/20