Episode 11 – Momma Towani, Not So Much, Anymore.

Do you find yourself staring at the mirror wondering:
What do two grown men think of a cartoon geared towards  younger female fans? Is there more to Hoth Topics than just Auditory Gold? What exactly did we talk about in the last 1/4 of the show? Seriously, I just edited it. I can’t remember. Oh, promised show notes are down below too!

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Jon’s (un edited )Notes from Forces of Destiny

Ep1 sands of jakku

Rey bb8 on way to nima outpost encounter creatures. Kinda like graboid from tremors. Eats junk. Is for kids. Is ok. Rey olympic javelinerier, javallineer, javelenist? Good though 10/10. Graboid fed junk. Eats junk again. Thats not food. Is junk.

Ep 2 bb-8 bandits.

Rey and bb8 interacting with thieves. Action sequences remind me of samurai jack a bit. Rey, gun vs not lightsabers is bad idea fight? Gooper Fish big gooper fish! Trixie rey is trixie. If graboid eats junk, when not snack down on ALL THE DEBRIS from the battle?

Ep3 ewokk escape(based on title, is favorite)

Blinking ewoks? Ask steele if blinking ewoks in anime is ok. Are troopers really giving penal codes to lower life forms (penal code 310). Wicket is sneaksie. X2 stormies in armor weigh the same as  9 year old warwick davis apparently (snare trap). O0o lieas endor dress, still think that it was removed from the last family that crashed on endor, possibly Momma Towani.. She Wants a weapon accessory cuz warrior princess

Ep 4 padawan path

Is cool they got CW voice actors back. This one doesnt feel the same as the other. Maybe cuz used to snips in episodic stories already, other eps helped fill blanks in movie, this feel like a b adventure in regular CW episode. Snips is love 10/10