Episode 33 – Taking Swings at (master) Eric

We’ve been trading blows with the San Diego Sabers for a few months now. We’ve talked with co founder Steve of SDS back in ep. 26, now it’s time to get some learning from the Master himself, Eric (also a co-founder). We ask him questions saber combat, you ask him questions saber combat, and then in a surprise turn of events, he asks us questions not about saber combat.

co host ian, gettin’ a whoopin’ as eric looks on, judging him. cuz he was the judge… also he was judging him.


Interesting in some Light Stick Battlin’? You can get more info about San Diego Sabers below:

We meet every Wednesday around 6:30pm at the tennis/basketball court Cadman Recreational Park in Clairemont, San DIego, CA.
4280 Avati Dr, San Diego, CA 92117 (google map)

While you’re at it, go check out the Saber Martial Arts Foundation. SMAF is a multi-club foundation to promote saber combat:

also check out their podcast, they release episode far more consistently than we do:

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