Echo Base Nights – Episode 8: WonderCon Anaheim 2019

Ian And Jon went to Wondercon Anahiem 2019. And they went in style, well, Star Wars style. Join us this week as we reminisce about WCA…since we didn’t get to go to Celebration Chicago.

Also, for fun, here are some fun pictures, for fun:

Hangin with the 501st.

Underestimating how easy it would be to storm the Rebel held bunker…

Gate Travel, while not as comfortable or personable as a Star Tours Starspeeder, is indeed faster.

Where are your chains, Wookie?!?”

Weirdly, Ian is being taught the correct way to brew a nice cup of Earl Grey Tea.

<insert Obi Wan quote>

The Doctor and the General (technically commander…not enough rank bars ^_^)
Photo Courtesy of Hedix in the Aphra costume.

Jon totally forgot he was wearing those sunglasses all day, like a dork.

Photo Courtesy of DisneyBrendan.