Past Episodes

Below is a list/link to all of our past episodes for easy of finding:


Episode Number Episode Name Summary Release Date
1 Phantom Podcast Inaugural Episode of Hoth Topics 3/30/2018
2 Rebels and Rascals Disney Star Wars Rebels Season 4 review pt. 1 3/30/2018
3 Fan Service, From A Certain Point Of View A Discussion on Fan Service and You! 3/30/2018
4 When Ugnaughts Fly Disney Star Wars Rebels Season 4 review pt. 1 4/01/2018
5 Flying Solo We talk about our hopes and dreams for Solo: A Star Wars Story 4/16/2018
6 Costuming and Community Jon likes making costumes, so we talk about that..also some stuff about the Star War 4/30/2018
EBN1 Solo Trailer Breakdown Inaugural Echo Base Nights. We breakdown the Solo trailer 5/08/2018
7 A Trip to the Jedi Academy Ian ‘learns us good’ on the Jedi Order 5/14/2018
EBN2 Conversation With Some Folk Ian Interviewed some people while working on an Indie Film set about Star Wars 5/21/2018
8 Solo: A Review Story Part 1 Solo: A Star Wars Story review part 1 6/04/2018
9 Solo: A Review Story Part 2 Solo: A Star Wars Story review part 2 6/11/2018
10 Music from the Prequels We talk about our personal top 5 songs of the Prequel Trilogy 7/03/2018
11 Momma Towani. Not So Much, Anymore Forces of Destiny, other things, it’s a bit of a blur….probably should keep better show notes 7/16/2018
12 Comic Con Wrap Up We discuss our experiences and San Diego Comic Con 2018 7/30/2018
EBN3 Episode 9 Casting A quick discussion on some recent Episode 9 casting rumors 08/062018
13 What We Take Away Lessons we’ve taken away from Star Wars 08/13/2018
EBN4 Star Wars: Resistance Trailer Hopes and Dreams Due to Jon Being hit by a bus the previous week, we talk about the Star Wars Resistance trailer 08/27/2018
14 Palpatine Had Some Good Ideas We talk about the Good the Empire has done 09/10/2018