Hoth Topics Dispatches: Updates for May 2018

Greetings People of the Galaxy!

Ian here, and I wanted to take a minute to update you all on some goings on behind the scenes of Hoth Topics. 

Before we get into it though, I want to thank everyone who has been super supportive in the starting months of the podcast. We didn’t think anyone other than ourselves was going to listen to these things, and you proved us wrong. We are looking forward to interacting more with you and welcoming new listeners going forward! With that, we’ve decided to expand Hoth Topics a bit, and we have a few projects in mind that we’re very excited about.

Announcing: Echo Base Nights

Right now, we’ve been producing two episodes a month of Hoth Topics. These are our hour to and hour and a half long podcasts where we get to really dive deep into subjects, or cover multiple ones. The thing is, sometimes we have even MORE to say during an episode, but just can’t justify keeping it in. Maybe it’s a conversation that started as an off comment then became a 30 minute rant. Maybe it’s a subject that we really got into but didn’t fit with the flavor of the rest of the episode. Sometimes we have topics that are really fun but just don’t have enough material to be a full episode. 

Well, that’s why we’re introducing Echo Base Nights! This will be where we release all that extra content or side conversations as shorter episodes. We are going to try to keep these around a maximum of 30 minutes, and release them in the off weeks between main episodes. We are looking forward to bringing you even more Star Wars conversations!

On the Frozen Horizon: Video Content

Jon and I do a lot of Star Wars related nonsense even when we’re away from the mic, and we think it would be a fun idea to bring you along on these shenanigan filled adventures. Going forward, we’ll occasionally release videos of our Star Wars adventures on our YouTube channel. We hope to hear your ideas and comments!

On the Frozen Horizon: Hoth Topics Tabletop RPG

As we’ve mentioned on the podcast before, we are big tabletop roleplayers. It’s a fun thing that we believe many are interested in, but some people just don’t know where to start. What better way to inform those interested individuals than to start our own! Jon, Ian, and Mike will embark on a quest in a galaxy far far away, helmed by our very good friend and veteran game master Eric. This is a bit of an ambitious project, so we don’t really have a timeline for you right now, BUT we will keep you updated as it comes together and develops!

Thank you all for your support! Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or ideas! 

May The Force Be With You,