Hoth Pockets – The Rise of Skywalker Opening Weekend Ratings

Welcome to Hoth Pockets, formally called “A Quick Anoat…” before Ian informed that the cannon pronunciation of “Anoat” is not “a-note”, but more like “an-o-ought”. So I went with a different pun. ‘Cuz Puns is Funs!

With Rise of Skywalker doin’ alright at the box office this weekend, I couldn’t help but run a little experiment/study about the average reviews. Throughout the weekend I would randomly hop on Rotten Tomatoes and screen shot the Review Scores. I was mostly interested in the Audience Score and how it may or may not change over the weekend.

This was more for my own curiosity, but I might as well share it with all of the two of you out there.

Below are my results:
via Rotten Tomatoes

The first box there is just as I left the theater Thursday (12/19) night, the last box is when I left the theater the following Monday (12/23) night.

It was interesting to watch the Audience Score see-saw around the 85%-86% all weekend, as well as watching the fan community on Twitter respond to the film. Regardless of how you may have felt about the film (our reaction episode is coming soon), it is considered a success, as it has made 100 million more than it’s budget in the opening weekend. It may not have been the most successful Star Wars opening numbers, but I think it does show that the general audience will always show up for a new Star War.


-Jon in the Edit Bay