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Show Release Schedule **Update** & Itunes/Google Play subscriptions!

Greetings our faithful Wampas,

Here at Hoth Topics: A Star Wars Podcast, we try to get you a new, fresh, and thought provoking show twice a month. However due to a so called “illness”, we have been unable to record a new episode at the quality that you’ve come to expect in our last four episodes. We know, my dear Wampas, that you would not stand for a lower quality show and we would never give that to you. You mean that much to us.

We should be back on track soon, but the teased episode about Costume/Prop making will be delayed a couple weeks. However we think you will enjoy what are working replacement show include.

Stay Tuned to our Twitter/Facebook pages for updates on when the new show will be up!

A podcast that’s actually on a Podcast Host!

We are also ‘hecka stoked’ to announce that we are now on Itunes and also as well Google Play. Go subscribe there! All four of our exceptionally high quality shows are available on your favorite listening device be that you 8gb Microsoft Zune or you Sony Micro Disc player (of course you would need to download the episode and burn it on to a disk…man, I’m showing my age here).

On a slightly serious note, my co host has been bed ridden for a week with his, alleged, “illness”. Which has selfishly inconvenienced the podcast scheduled as mentioned above. Our prayers to the Force God for a speedy recovery buddy.

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Witty Sign-Off Line,